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August 14, 2000 (459 miles)

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Another long driving day on US 2. We did have an interesting stop at Rugby, ND. Through what ever calculations they used, they determined that they are the "Geographic Center of North America." They erected a monument: Rugby - Geographic Center of North America

In addition to being the Geographic Center of North America, Rugby has a restaurant that serves the largest plate of french fries I've ever had delivered to my table. Not sure what the name of the restaurant is, but it is on the south side of US 2 near the monument. So, that was our excitement for the day! We stopped for the night at the Country Club Motel, Room 24 in Crookston, MN. I couldn't find a link to the Country Club Motel - I can understand since the room was very small, the toilet rocked, and the wallpaper was strange.


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