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August 17, 2000 (406 miles)

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 We continued on CA 17 with plans to cross over to the US in the Thousand Islands. CA 17 is a good road & we made pretty good time. We even had a valuable stop. Both of us love Styrofoam "Koozies" to keep our cans of soda cool. Although you can find soft foam Koozies at almost any tourist stop, the Styrofoam work much better & are rare. Since they are a rigid foam, they break easily, and eventually they get dirty enough that Carol is ashamed to use them. For some reason, we stopped at a thrift shop along the road (maybe it was the weather forcasting rock hanging in front that lured us in, you know - if it's wet it's raining, if it's swinging it's windy, etc), and there on the shelf was a case of a half dozen of them! I know this isn't the biggest news of the trip, but it is a find we both appreciated. (In fact, there are still two left downstairs in the storeroom.)

It did get interesting when we decided to stop for the night. For the first time on the trip (or, for that matter, any of our trips) we couldn't find a motel or campground. Now we are willing to stay just about anywhere, so it isn't as if we have high standards - along that stretch of CA 17 there wasn't anything! We finally found a room at Marshall's Motel-Bar & Grill in Espanola, Ontario. Now I don't like to disparage any place, but if our room wasn't a "rent by the hour" space it sure looked & felt like it. They took our money from a window in the main bar - One of the few places I've stayed that I really wasn't all that comfortable with the condition of the room. Spent half the night looking out to make sure the car was still there! (It may well have changed in the 11 years since our trip, so don't judge it by these comments!)

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