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Friday, October 11, 2013 Ricketts Glen State Park, PA - 0 miles, 227.3 For the Trip

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Lots of rain overnight, but by morning it stopped. As I suspected, there was not enough Verizon signal to post yesterday's page, so it and today's page will have to wait for posting.

I drove to the Lake Leigh parking lot & hiked down to the lowest waterfall - Murry Reynolds, and started shooting photos on the way up. Much more practical than yesterday's shooting on the way down. The constant stops to take pictures gives you a break. I still seem to enjoy photographing the cascades as much or even more than the waterfalls. I took lots of photos, starting with one someone on a forum asked for; the sign indicating a 2 mile, 18% grade going from the park to Red Rock, PA. - Of course most are waterfall photos - here are a few:

On the way back I met a park employee repainting one of the large wooden signs. Tough work - the lettering is pretty small. Keeping the park up has got to be a tough job for everyone. Lots of trails along streams that overflow during the spring thaw, and, after talking to another employee that was picking up trash, a bunch of hikers that don't seem to understand that to keep the place looking beautiful, you need to haul out your trash instead of hiding it behind a tree or just tossing it away. I also included a photo of one of the bridges & steps on the trail.

Most of the hike was in cloudy conditions, perfect for shooting waterfalls. A bit of light rain towards the end, but by the time I got back to the trailer around 2:00, it had stopped, and the sun was trying to peek through the clouds. The solar panel is trying - putting out around 2 amps. For those 12V power geeks, I used 14.1 amp/hrs by this morning, mostly to run the furnace since it was in the 40's over night. , As of 2:30, I still have a deficit of 9.1. Under full sun that would already be down to 0. I'll have to watch how much electricity I use if I want to keep enough to run the furnace at night (and, of course, I do). Since I'll be leaving tomorrow, I'll have no problem making a pot of coffee since both the solar panel and the RAV4 will recharge the batteries on the trip to Morgantown.

Until next time -

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