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Day 5

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Monday, October 14, 2013 Babcock State Park, WV - 0 miles, 711.6 For the Trip

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It did stay dry enough to grill the chicken. While there were drops falling from the trees, no new rain. Not much going on today other than trying to make my reservation for the Oregon Gathering at Bullards Beach State Park. They let you reserve 9 months prior to your first day on the site and, since I'm staying at the park for the entire week of July 14th, today is the day. At 11:00AM (8:00AM Pacific time) it started out OK, but as soon as I tried to give my type of gear, it froze. Tried a couple of different sites, and the same thing happened. I gave up on reserving on line & called Reserve America. After a 23 minute wait, they managed to get one of the sites actually reserved for the week in my name. So, I now have 3 reservations for rallies in the West, 2 in Oregon in April & July, & one in Washington in May. As soon as they become available, I'll be making one for the Escape rally for June in Osoyoos, BC.

As to tomorrow, I'm going to try to go down the coast. I have no idea whether it is possible to travel along the coast without reservations this time of year, but if it becomes a problem, I can always head west. The next planned stop is in the Cedar Key area of Florida. Of course I will spend many days getting there...

No photos today. I thought about going back to the mill for some photos with fewer people, but it is raining so I'm hanging out in the trailer. Not sure if this will post - while I do have a fairly strong internet connection, it is very slow - much slower than 56K dial up.

Until next time -

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