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Day 7

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013, Northwest River Park, Chesapeake, VA 135.4 miles, 1099.62 For the Trip

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I managed to sleep through most of the traffic noise, although I'm still trying to get used to full time traveling. It usually takes a couple of weeks before I sleep normally while traveling each day.

I made a stop at Mechanicsville Toyota for an oil change, tire rotation, and the biggy, drive train fluid change. While I'm still under the recommended change for the RAV4, I have the color of the fluid checked each oil change, and my local dealer sugested getting the transmission fluid changed at the next oil change. A bit more expensive than the quote in Syracuse, but it is good to be set for the next 30,000 miles. It did end up with a late start out of Richmond, but since the mileage was less than the last couple of drives, I still made the campground by mid afternoon.

I'm at the Northwest River Campgroud, a City of Chesapeake campground. Seventy sites, and I'm the only one here! Don't know if it is the season, the early stop, or what, but it sure is empty. No photos today other than one of the empty campground & the site. I already have read about the jet fly overs in Campground Reviews, but unless they are constant, I can live with that. I was hoping to do laundry, but the closest one is closed, and the one in the far bath house is a bit "rough". I think I'll wait. I did fix some broken links on the trip pages - the links to the home page and other trips were broken.

Site 12
An Empty Campground

Dinner (yes, I'm back to telling you what I'm eating for lack of anything more interesting) will be a steak, broccoli, and mashed potatoes.

Until next time -

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