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Day 11

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Sunday, October 20, 2013, Ocracoke Campground, Ocracoke, NC - 0 miles, 1243.8 For the Trip

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Not too much going on today. The nice weather went away this morning - very windy, heavy clouds, and a little rain. It did clear up for the afternoon & I went for a short hike along a road near the dump station that lead to the bay, and an official trail - the "Hammock Hills Nature Trail". The first two photos are at the end of the road - I couldn't get the bird to stand still. The others are the trail.

The group camping across the road from me dropped off a couple of flounder fillets which I had for dinner. A bit different from the flounder I had in Nantucket - I wonder if the warmer water makes the difference? In any case, a big thanks for the fish & a great dinner.

After dinner I hooked up the trailer so I wouldn't have to do it in the morning. It isn't all that an early boat - I need to be at the dock by 9:30, but it gives me more time to putter around in the morning.

A pretty sunset tonight - I'll include a photo.

Hold Still!
End of the Road
Hammock Hills Trail
The Salt Marsh
Sunset At Ocracoke Campground


Until next time -

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