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Day 24

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Saturday, November 2, 2013, St Joseph Peninsula State Park, FL, Day 2 - 0 miles, 2,355.7 For the Trip

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Not to much happening today. I went for a walk on the end of the Peninsula, although not the entire 8 mile length. Took a few photos of trees, another Florida "Cabin" (sure wish they made them like that in NY). I did see a couple of eagles fly by, but, of course, had the wide lens on the camera so it isn't much of a photo. After getting back to the trailer I sat around & read. The campground power went off for a couple of hours - seems a sailboat took out one of the power lines. No one hurt, but it must have been a shock (OK, sorry for the pun!)

A Wounded Butterfly
The Dunes
The Dunes
An Eagle
Another Tree
A "Cabin"
Back to the Trailer

Dinner will be a Bubba Burger & fruit cup with ice cream for dessert.

Till Tomorrow -

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