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Day 28

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013, Sunset Leisure RV Park, Wallisville, TX - 197.8 miles, 3,116.7 For the Trip

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I can't quite understand it - traffic noise all night, and I slept better than I have over the last couple of weeks! It was still an early morning, and I was on the road by 9:00. Most of the drive today (and probably for the next couple of days) was on I 10. After getting through Houston tomorrow I may try switching to US 90 Alt, depending on the traffic. I suspect it will be terrible in the city.

I was going to stay in Wallisville County Park but although AllStays listed it as having bathrooms & showers, it doesn't, no one was there, and you have to find city hall to get a permit. So, I stopped for the afternoon at the Sunset Leisure RV Park a few miles away. $30.00 for the night, assuming the owner shows up to collect the money. If not, there is a slot in the door where I can drop a check.

Right now it is pouring out; if it keeps up dinner will be soup cooked in the trailer. The rain stopped long enough to get a campsite photo. I'm in site #4, a concrete slab with full hookups, but no picnic table. I got out my roll up table & cooked a couple of veal cutlets to use up more of the spaghetti sauce. I like my home made sauce better, but I still have half a jar of Ragu.

After cleaning up I shot a couple of photos showing where the park got its name.

Sunset Leisure RV Park
Site #4
Sunset at Sunset Leisure
Sunset at Sunset Leisure


Until next time -

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