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Day 36

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Thursday, November 14, 2013, Douglas City Park, AZ - 192.4 miles, 4,329.8 For the Trip

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A new day & a new state. I even crossed the Continental Divide, although you would hardly know it. Unlike further north, here is is just a sign along a flat road. I've reached my "winter" goal - Arizona, although I don't plan to stay in Douglas the entire season. Actually,it might not be a bad idea - I'm here for a week at $75.00 plus tax for a grand total of $11.67 per night (full hookups). While the price is right, it really isn't my kind of campground, so I will relax for a week & then head for greener pastures. Not that there is a lot to do here unless you like golf. The Douglas City Park is part of the local golf course. No picnic tables, but the sites are not too close together, the showers are the strongest of the trip, and clean. For a commercial campground it has everything I would expect (well, except for the picnic table) and the lowest price of a site with hookups of the trip. While a couple of the guides list it as having 66 sites, I believe some of them are either hidden back in the park or have disappeared. I only see about 30 sites, and most are filled with snowbirds.


I talked to a guy from Parachute, CO, and now know how it got its name. I've never been there, but have passed the sign for it on I70. Seems there is a dome shaped mountain that, when first covered with snow shroud lines appear running down from the snow covered dome, making it look like a filled parachute.

After setting up the trailer I drove to the local Walmart. Probably the largest I've ever been in, and one of the few that has both Spanish & English labels on everything. It sits about 200' from the Mexican border. I've set all my cell devices to no international roaming, and AT&T tells me that as long as my iPhone shows AT&T as the carrier, I'm good. Hope the same goes for Verizon. My iPad looks OK, but it is difficult to ID the carrier on the Hotpot. I did turn off roaming so I should be able to post this close to the border.

Not a lot of photos or anything else to report - I did take a few more sunset photos at City of Rocks, and will inflict you with one of them, otherwise just a campsite photo and a few of the park.

Last Sunset at City of Rocks
Douglas City Park
Site 2, Douglas City Park
The Golf Course

Dinner was the steak I've been putting off cooking, along with coleslaw and a bit of pre made macaroni & cheese from Walmart. Overall not to bad, although I do feel like eating lighter than usual. I suspect I'm getting into or over a cold - had a bit of a fever last night that a couple of Tylenol took care of. While traveling by one's self has a number of advantages including not worrying about schedules, not deciding who is going to climb over who to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night, what to cook for dinner ( I could keep going, but to be honest, it would be far more fun if my wife was still alive), being sick on the road is not one of them. Glad things seem to have settled down.

By the way, for those of you in Oswego or other parts of the North, it was 78°F today, and the overnight predicted temperature is 50°F. Can you understand why I'm here?

Until tomorrow -

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