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Day 52

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Saturday, November 30, 2013, Picacho Peak State Park, AZ, Day 3 - 0 miles, 4,515.6 For the Trip

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Today was a quiet, do nothing day. Cloudy and cool, it would have been a much better day to climb the peak than yesterday, but who knew?

I did notice that you can hear some of the louder trucks on I10, and the engines of the trains at night. Not so loud that they bothered me, but I read one review of the park that stated the noise was so bad they couldn't sleep. Some of the sites are closer to the road than mine, so it could be a problem, particularly for light sleepers. Here in site B1 the furnaces of the near by trailers & motorhomes were louder than the trains...

Another interesting fact - there are two other trailers here in the campground that are being pulled by a RAV4 V6. One is a ProLite Escapade , and the other a Gulf Stream Visa. While there are more small trailers here at Picacho than most of the other campgrounds I've been in, these are the first I've seen towed by RAV4s. Both are from Quebec, Canada.

I did spend much of the afternoon catching up on web pages, banking, and, of course, reading. No photos for the day.

Around 5:00 it finally got too cool to sit outdoors, so I moved into the trailer & started dinner - A Chicken & Mushroom Pot Pie.

Until Next Time -

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