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Day 59

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Saturday, December 7, 2013, Lost Dutchman State Park, AZ, Day 6 - 0 miles, 4,619.4 For the Trip

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Not quite as cold last night - only got down to 31F. After breakfast I decided to hike to the Siphon Draw Trail as far as the Basin. The trail continues on to the top of Flathead, but that is another mile with an elevation gain of 2000'. It also has a note that the last section to the Flathead is for experienced hikers only, and I haven't decided if I'm experienced! I did go a couple of hundred yards past the top of the Basin, but my 69 year old legs & lungs suggested that I quit.

Leaving the Campground on the Siphon Draw Trail
Trail Information
The Praying Hands
Ironwood Tree Leaves
On the Way Up
Looking Down
At the Basin
Looking Down From the Top of the Basin
Where I stopped
Flathead is in the Center
A Cactus
Another View Up the Basin
Check Out Both Groups of Climbers
Horses on the Trail

After getting back to the trailer, I sat around in the sun reading and enjoying the warmth - it was quite cold in the shadows at the top of the basin.

I decided to go back the the Goldfield Ghost Town to take a couple of photos. Some neat buildings, but the fact that most of them are shops is quite a bit different from a real ghost town, or even the recreated Bodie State Historical Park ghost town in California. In any case, the church makes a nice photo as does the Bordello next door. They had a gunfight, so I took a few photos of it, then headed back to the trailer to relax for the rest of the day.

Goldfield Ghost Town
The Narrow Gauge Train
San Tan Metal
Goldfield Ghost Town
The Bordello
The Church
Hitched at the Restaurant
The Gunfighters
The Gunfight
The Results

Since I need to do some grocery shopping, dinner will be out of the freezer. Probably Veal Cutlet, Rice & Broccoli...

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