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Day 66

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Saturday, December 14, 2013, Buckskin Mountain State Park, AZ, Day 6 - 0 miles, 4,822.7 For the Trip

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Another day with little planned. I did some computer work during the morning, then, after lunch, drove to the Desert Bar. More than one Arizonian told me that a visit was required of anyone in southwestern Arizona area, so I went looking for it. It is about a 7 mile drive into the desert on a fairly good dirt road. I do wish I had aired down my tires - a rough ride, but not difficult driving. An interesting place. Only open on weekends during the winter, but the parking lot was filled. This is a huge gathering place in the middle of nowhere.They had a live country band, lots of seating in a number of different areas, including the bar. I had a beer, and bought a "T" shirt and talked with a number of people, most of which were, like me, from somewhere else. Definitely an interesting place that is worth the effort to find & visit.

Sign For the Desert Bar
The Desert Bar
A Full Parking Lot
The Desert Bar
Live Band at The Desert Bar
A Church?
Not Really, But They Do Weddings!
Lots of Old Cars Around

After that it was back to the trailer, a almost warm shower (it got up to 67°F today) and dinner - just a sandwich & fruit.

Until tomorrow -

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