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Monday, December 23, 2013, Cattail Cove State Park, AZ - 37.7 miles, 4,860.4 For the Trip

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Moving day! It has been so long I'm not sure I remembered how to hook up the trailer. Seriously, 2 weeks is the longest I've stayed in any campground, and I'm going to do it again at Cattail Cove. While it is only 15 miles from Buckskin Mountain, I towed the trailer to the La Paz Hospital in Parker. I had an Echo cardiogram scheduled at 1:30, too late to leave the trailer in Buckskin, and too early to pull into my site at Cattail. It also made it easier to buy frozen food since the freezer was with me. According to the woman who did my Echo cardiogram, I had the best heart she has seen all week. Of course since she probably only does them on people that have heart problems, I'm not sure that means all that much. Still, much better than listening to lots of "Oh, my Goodness" while she was working!

I stopped on the way out of town at the Safeway, picked up some supplies & a hot meatloaf that I had as a late lunch or early dinner. I wish they had individual chicken pieces, since I can't eat a whole roasted chicken and that is all they usually have available. The meatloaf was very good, although far too much for a single meal. I'll probably make a sandwich later.

Cattail Cove is a little more cramped than Buckskin Mountain, at least the site I'm in here compared to Site # 2 at Buckskin. Still, a nice park, and like all Arizona parks, well kept up. They have a pot luck Christmas dinner on the 25th - I'll have to see if I can find some blueberries to make a pie since that & sweet & sour meatballs are about all I make for pot lucks.

I got a real surprise when I registered. The volunteer at the office told me my mail was here. Now, since I didn't have any mail sent to me I was pretty sure it wasn't mine, but it was. I had a Christmas card from my son in law's parents, Bert & Pam, and a pound of Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee that appears to be drop shipped without any ID as to who sent it. Who ever it was, they know that Kona is my favorite coffee. Thanks!

Another surprise is the tree growing in the next campsite is a lemon tree & it is full of lemons. According to my neighbors, they are not quite ripe, but available for the picking.

Mt Last Sunset at Buckskin Mountain
The Lemon Tree
Site 25, Cattail Cove State Park, AZ

I was a bit concerned that my coverage map showed a better Verizon 4G signal at Buckskin Mountain than here at Cattail, but if anything it is stronger & faster here. AT&T is about the same - almost no data & 2 bars of voice.

Until tomorrow -

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