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Day 154

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014, Valley of Fire State Park, NV, Day 3 - 0 miles , 6011.9 For the Trip

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It was fairly clear last night so I took a couple of photos of the stars & campground. I also took a photo of Jupiter with my 600mm lens set up - As I expected, all I got was a blob of light. I'd love to see the image the Sunday Post Standard technology reporter took with his iPad.

By the way, I now realize how lucky I was to find a site here at Atlatl Rock Campground. While there are still spaces available in the more primitive (no showers, pit toilets, and no hookups) Arch Rock Campground, by 10:00 every day the electric sites are filled, and by the afternoon, the entire campground is filled. As someone pulls out of an electric site, someone else is waiting to pull in.

I spent the day reading. I did try the showers on the other side of the campground - much better with adjustable temperature, and a real shower head rather than the high pressure, low volume versions in the nearby showers. Free as well.

The people camping next to me in an A Liner are Atlatl throwers. There is a demonstration & competition over the weekend here at the park & they set up a practice target behind their site. I took a couple of photos of them throwing, and they let me try it. It is harder than it looks, although I did at least get the arrow in the general direction of the target!

Orion Over the Campground
The Campground at Night
Rocks in the Campground
Rocks in the Campground
A Casita
Ready to Throw the Atlatl
Look Close - It is in the Air

That was about it for the day. Dinner was Dole Coleslaw (I finally found my favorite at the Lin Market in Overton) and a grilled chicken thigh sandwich.

Until tomorrow -

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