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Day 159

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Monday, March 17, 2014, Valley of Fire State Park, NV, Day 8 - 0 miles , 6011.9 For the Trip

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Today was domestic Monday. I drove into Overton after breakfast to mail my granddaughter Zoe's birthday card (While a month early, it takes that long to get to Botswana). After that it was off to the laundromat. There is only one in town. The last time I was here they only had cold water. While there was hot water this time, the place has gone downhill. Most of the top loading machines were taped closed, as were a number of dryers. I did find a front loader that was working & one top loader, so I did get the job done. The large dryer I chose was the hottest one of the trip. Almost burned myself unloading the Clothes!

I stopped at the Lost City Museum just outside Overton. Built by the CCC to house some of the artifacts saved as Mead Lake (behind Hoover Dam) filled. It was built around some of the foundations of Native American villages. The CCC also built some pueblos outside the museum that used the techniques of the original structures. An interesting stop that takes about an hour & $5.00 to visit. I also took a photo of the BLM area south of Overton that is suggested as an overflow area for Valley of Fire. Pretty crowded.

BLM Camping Area
Lost City Museum
Lost City Museum
Lost City Museum

After that it was a short stop at Lin's Market to resupply the refrigerator & other supplies. I bought a 12" frozen pizza which I have to eat as soon as I get back to the campsite since it doesn't fit in the freezer (but does fit in my toaster oven). So, another early dinner. Not sure what I'll have before bed - since I ate 3/4 of the pizza, I'm still stuffed!

While it was nice and calm during my early dinner, after eating the wind picked up. By 5:00 it was the windiest of the trip. Tents blowing down, RVers rushing to put in awnings, and lots of dust blowing around. I decided it was a good time for a shower, although I probably got just as dusty on the walk back to the trailer as I was when I started.

I'm not sure when you will get this - while my MiFi unit tells me I have a strong 3G service, there doesn't seem to be an internet connection. Maybe the land line to the tower is down because of the wind. I'll try again later tonight.

Until tomorrow -

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