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Day 183

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Thursday, April 10, 2014, Sounds of the Sea RV Park, Trinidad, CA, - 73.9 miles , 7185.2 For the Trip

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Another fairly short drive today. I suspect that most of them will be short over the next two weeks since I don't have all that far to go to get to Champoeg near Portland, OR. In fact, I suspect that unless I find a good reason to stop, I'll be in Oregon tomorrow. I thought about staying a couple of days in one of the near by California State campgrounds, but I'm tired of paying $33.00 for dry sites. Here at Sounds of the Sea, I have full hookups, including cable if I wanted it, clean, warm bathrooms with free showers, and a laundry for $35.00. Still more than my average, but quite a lot more for two bucks.

I drove into Trinidad to take a couple of photos of the harbor & the replica memorial lighthouse overlooking it. Very foggy, so the images are soft. I stopped at Murphy's Market in Trinidad & picked up a small tub of bacon/broccoli/cauliflower/other vegetables salad for lunch. Excellent! Lots of natural & organic foods as well.

Memorial Lighthouse, Trinidad
The Harbor
Gull & Rocks
Site 21, Sounds of the Sea RV Park
Beach Flower

After that it was back to the campground to do laundry. I took it with me when I drove to Trinidad since my GPS told me there was a laundromat in town. There may be, but not at the address the GPS gave me. I don't know why, but the GPS has a terrible time finding laundromats. I find it hard to believe they move all that often, but for what ever reason, they are never where Matilda tells me to go! Other than having to run through two dryer cycles, the campground laundry did fine.

I drove to a nearby county park & campground (the campground was pretty bad) to walk along the ocean. I had to dip my toe (Alright, it was actually my finger - too cold for toes) so I could say I touched both the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans on the trip. Since the name of the beach a bit south of the state park is called Agate Beach, I walked down quite a ways and picked up a few. I assume they are Agates since I don't actually know exactly what one is, but in any case, very pretty rocks.

After that it was time for a shower, and dinner, which was a pork chop & asparagus.

Until tomorrow -

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