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Day 196

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014, Champoeg State Park, OR, Day 2- 0 miles, 7573.3 For the Trip

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Another wet day in Oregon! There were already a couple of trailers here by the time I crawled out of bed, with more arriving throughout the day. Got a chance to see my first Escape 21 (other than the mock up at Chilliwack). There are many other brands of trailers already here with more arriving tomorrow.

I decided that it would be a good time to purchase an "Easy Up" shelter since lots of rain is expected. I was hoping to find one that folded up into a small package, but no luck. I bought a standard 12'X12', although with an aluminum frame to save a bit of weight. Of course, when I got back to the campground one of the trailers had a Paha Que shelter that is just what I was looking for. Problem was they didn't stock it at REI or any of the other local places. I'll probably order one when I get back to Oswego.

I made the mistake of stopping by Best Buy and looking at a Nikon D800. I've wanted one since they came out, and since they have been around for awhile, I've been able to read the good & bad about them. Long & short of it, my excuse is I saved a whole bunch of money by buying it here in Oregon (no sales tax). So, I'm the proud owner of a new camera. Of course I have to charge the battery before I can use it since it uses a different battery than the rest of my Nikons. Today's photos are taken with the D700. I suspect the one of me had the focus point on the trees rather than me so I'm a bit fuzzy. Both were taken in almost dark conditions at ISO 2500. I still find it amazing that a useful image can be made at that high an ISO.

Folks Are Gathering
Me in Rain Gear


Dinner was an Amy's Cheese Enchilada Dinner. I sure hope I can find these in Oswego. They are excellent freezer meals.

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