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Monday, May 26, 2014, Boyer Park & Marina, Colfax, WA - 103.6 miles, 9074.7 For the Trip

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I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.

A bit of light rain overnight, but stopped by morning. Just enough to streak the dust on the RAV4 (of course that was after I spent 20 minutes wiping off the spots left by yesterday's rain). Anyway, I was out of the park by 10:00.

I was surprised by the lack of traffic on the roads on the last day of the holiday weekend, not that I'm complaining! I pulled into Boyer Park & Marina around noon, set up the trailer, then headed for Steptoe Butte State Park. From the description, I didn't want to pull the trailer to the top of the butte, besides which, there is no camping in the park. I'm glad I left the trailer at Colfax - quite a haul up a fairly narrow road to get to the top. The view is great, although I probably would have better color a month from now when there is more planted. Still, the fields and view are impressive. I did a panorama - like all of them, the best detail is in the large version, but unless you have a fast connection, it could take some time to download.

After returning from Steptoe Butte, I checked with the restaurant at the campground - they are only open for lunch today & tomorrow, so I won't be able to cop out on making dinner (or breakfast). The site is quite nice, although expensive (seems like most of Washington is) at $39.89 for water & electric. The site is on the Snake River, which looks more like a string of narrow lakes since it is dammed & locked all the way to the Columbia River. It is interesting to see a tug go by with a radar mast, etc...

View From Steptoe Butte
View From Steptoe Butte
View From Steptoe Butte
Site 16, Boyer Park & Marina

View From Steptoe Butte - Large Version (3.3MB)

Since I don't have anything thawed, and it is too hot to fire up the toaster oven, it looks like it will be a couple of cheese brots & beans for dinner, although only if the wind dies down. Right now I don't believe the stove would stay lit long enough to cook the dogs. There is always soup on the stove inside.

While I was able to read a few web pages & get my mail, posting photos seems to be a lost cause - a very slow connection here at the campground. So, this probably won't appear until I hit a bit more civilization.

Until then -

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