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Thursday, July 3, 2014, Collier Memorial State Park, OR, Day 2 & Crater Lake National Park - 0 miles, 12,217.7 For the Trip

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A late morning. It was fairly cool overnight, and around 52°F in the trailer at 7:00AM. So, I stayed under the covers until 8:30. To make up for a late start I decided to make a serious breakfast; bacon & eggs. I looked a little silly using the Clinometer HD app on my iPad to level the grill, but it pays off, particularly when you make scrambled eggs or pancakes.

I drove to Crater lake National Park for a couple of photos. For the first time in many trips to Crater Lake, the East Rim Drive was open. While I didn't drive all the way around the lake, I did get to see sections I haven't visited before. There are a couple of waterfalls, but the photographs are lousy - too much sun. You really need a cloudy or overcast day (or good shadows) to shoot waterfalls. In any case, I took a few. Met a ranger that is a photographer - his website is Great Basin Photography. Check it out. Met another photographer at the falls & walked back to the parking area with him & his wife. I tried to find his website but either got confused with his name or the description, so I can't post a link.

Crater lake
Wizard Island
Vidae Falls
Phantom Ship
Phantom Ship

Plaikni Falls

Stream Below Plaikni Falls
Stream Below Plaikni Falls

Since I had a good sized breakfast & lunch, dinner was a simple sandwich. Time for a shower & a bit of relaxation (not that I've been working hard!) By the way, the campground did fill last night, at least the sites with hookups. Very few people left today, and their spots were taken soon after leaving. Still plenty of dry sites available.

Until tomorrow.

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