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Saturday, July 12, 2014, Laverne County Campground, OR, Day 2 - 0 miles, 12,488.2 For the Trip

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Well, I don't know if this page will get posted today - while I seem to be able to download web pages (although very slowly) uploads are not happening. While the Pantech MHS291LVW shows a 4G LTE data connection, the signal level is a weak -110db, so that is probably the problem.

By the way, I added up the total trailer mileage, and in the little over 3 years I've owned it, it has been towed 51,545.8 miles. Still holding up well!

In any case, not a lot to post. I drove to the bar & grill for an omelet breakfast; not bad & an excellent homemade biscuit. I also walked down to the stream that runs along the campground & took a few photos of the riffles and small cascades. Not quite waterfalls, but close.

Creek Next to the Laverne Campground
Creek Next to the Laverne Campground

My neighbors have been offering food almost continuously; I think they feel sorry for a single person. In any case, I didn't have anything defrosted for dinner, so I took them up on a cheeseburger. Very good, cooked over a wood fire with all the fixings. One of the rare times I had a home cooked meal that I didn't make myself!

I'll try to post again later, but no luck after a bunch of tries this afternoon. Well, I don't know what happens at 6:00PM, but the photos posted with no problem, so I'll try the page.

Until tomorrow.

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