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Monday, July 21, 2014, Memaloose State Park, OR - 311 miles, 12,839.5 For the Trip

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Elk Along OR 38
Elk Along OR 38
Site B11, Memaloose State Park, OR

Not a lot of photos today, but a long drive. Unfortunately, most of it was along I5 & I 84, sections of both that I've driven before. I did enjoy the only new road for today, OR 38. Stopped to photograph a small herd of elk along the drive. I finally called it a day just after Mosier, OR and got off for Memaloose State Park. It can only be accessed from the West bound lane of I84, so you drive past it heading East, get off a couple of miles past the park & enter the park through a rest stop. I'll have to head back to Mosier to get back on the East side of the interstate in the morning.

Not a bad park; $28.00 for full hookups, although there are lots of water only sites available for less. Like most of the Oregon parks, bathrooms with showers. The only problem is quite a bit of road noise from I 84. It isn't a problem with the trailer closed, but makes it hard to listen to the radio when sitting outside.

Dinner was a cheeseburger (made of real hamburger, not a Bubba burger), chips, and vanilla ice cream for dessert. I'm going to have to defrost the refrigerator soon. It sure does ice up faster with the high humidity on the coast. In the desert it could go for almost a month, here only a week or two.

I'm back. I do have to say something about the showers. Very clean, BUT, one had no shower head, and another wouldn't run. Of the two that worked, one required holding the button in to get any water, and the other (the one I used) had a 7 second run time. Lots of button pushing! Of course, like all the Oregon State Parks, no shower curtains, and the water spray bounces off you & into the drying area. While most of the problem here is maintenance, it would take so little in the design to make them work...

Until tomorrow.

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