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Day 291


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Sunday, July 27, 2014, Meadows RV Park, Miles City, MT - 213.3 miles, 13,943.3 For the Trip

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Another cool night, this time down to 44°F. Probably a good thing since my refrigerator stopped working on 120V electric. Woke up this morning to 16F in the freezer & 45°F in the refrigerator. I switched it over to gas & it started to drop, although not as fast as I would have liked. It is hot today, and most of my driving was east, putting the side of the trailer with the refrigerator aimed at the sun. It did drop more quickly once a hit the campground & put out the awning. The last time the refrigerator quit on AC, it was because the plug fell out of the receptacle. No such luck this time - it is still plugged in. I don't want to try it on AC until it cools down to the usual temperatures, so I will troubleshoot tomorrow.

There was a great picture of round hay bales combined with a great looking tree & background. Unfortunately, there was no where to stop, so while I'll remember the image in my mind, I can't show it to you! I did discovered something I didn't know further along US 12 - Pelicans don't only live at the ocean. I stopped at a farm pond to photograph a couple of white birds & Canada geese, and through the 70 - 200 mm lens discovered what they were. Finding them in Montana was a surprise to me! I also shot a photo of the Vanana School building, long out of use. Vanana is a pretty small town along US 12 and the school, sitting by itself, was the only multi story building in town. It looked very out-of-place.

White Birds at a Farm Pond
Yes, They are Pelicans
Another Part of the Pond
Vanana School
Site 8, Meadows RV Park, Miles City, MT


I stopped for the day at Miles City & the Meadows RV Park. At $35.00 for full hookups, not inexpensive, but nice, clean restrooms & showers, and convenient - there is a Walmart Supercenter across the street. The other choice was a KOA which was even more expensive. As I said, it was hot, so I spent most of the afternoon reading a Clive Cussler novel in the shade of the trailer, running the air conditioner to help cool down the fridge.

Dinner was a southwestern salad & grilled chicken breast.

Until tomorrow.

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