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Sunday, October 17, 2015, Natural Chimneys County Park, VA, 162.9 Miles, 552.6 Miles for the Trip

I got a fairly early start (for me) & left Greenbelt around 8:30. While far busier than I'd like, the interstate traffic around DC on a Sunday morning wasn't too bad. Things eventually thinned out on I66, and got to normal when I hit I81.

I almost drove all the way to Babcock State Park in West Virginia, but it was over 300 miles, and I decided that was a bit more than I wanted to do. I stopped at a park I've been to before - Natural Chimneys County Park near Mount Solon, VA. The park has many tent sites, many 30 amp trailer sites, and a few 50 amp sites with full hookups. I'm in B8, although I'm registered in A13, the site number on the electrical hookup. On the way back from the office I discovered that the other side of the power pedestal is labeled B8, the side I'm actually on. I don't think it will matter since there are over 100 sites and only about 10 RVs in the place, and no open reservations. (I discovered on the way out that it did matter - A13 is a 50 amp site & cost more. Oh well...)

The name of the park comes from some rock formations that look like natural chimneys. While I've posted a few photos of them before, I needed the walking exercise (they are at the other end of the campground) and did them again on this trip. On the way I passed the host site. They had just purchased the retro trailer parked behind the Mustang the last time I was here, and it looks like they have done a great job of fixing it up. The Mustang doesn't look too bad either. They are definitely ready for Halloween, complete with a haunted house, sound effects, moving ghouls, etc. Quite the project!

Site A13/B8 Mustang & Trailer The Haunted House More Halloween Stuff
About the Chimneys The Chimneys The Chimneys  

I do remember the park's Verizon coverage. While it shows as 4G LTE on the MiFi, it is quite slow. Still, it works, and having electricity for the first time is great. It is going down to 28°F tonight, so the electric heat will be appreciated, And I will be able to bake a burrito for dinner in the toaster oven.

Until tomorrow.

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