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Day 16

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Thursday, October 29, 2015, Valley of Fires BLM Campground, NM, 157.5 Miles, 2,696.6 Miles for the Trip

Very light rain on the drive today. Most spent on US 380, a mix of four lane & two lane road, much with fresh, smooth pavement. While I spent most of the day climbing to the highest altitude of the trip (a little over 6000'), I stopped for the afternoon at the Valley of Fires BLM campground back down to aroung 5259'. I'm glad I got here around 12:00. While early, there was only 2 electric sites left. Even most of the non electric sites are filled. I grabbed Site 6, a pull through (well, pull along side) & filled out the paperwork. Not all that level - I used the full height of the Anderson leveler & had to use the full height of the electric tongue jack (including my usual 2"X6" slab under the foot). I'll be here for the weekend, leaving Sunday. Three days at $9.00 per day with the Senior Pass discount for a water & electric site. There is a bathroom nearby with hot showers.

There is an Escape 19 parked next to my site. After they returned from a day of exploring, I discovered it was owned by a couple I met at other fiberglass trailer rallies. Small world! There is also another fiberglass trailer (a Casita) further up the hill from our sites.

Site 6, Valley of Fires BLM Campground, NM An Escape 19 Next Door The Valley

I had to stop at this campground. I've had more than one conversation with fellow campers, both of us talking about Valley of Fire campground and discovering that we are each talking about a different place. In my case it was the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, but this is the one others have often described. I wish it was a better weekend to visit - it is raining right now and a bit cool at 56°F. Unfortunately, the predictions are not for much on an improvement while I'm here. Still, the views from my site are great. Mountains out my driver's side window & the valley full of lava on the right. If the weather settles it looks like there are some nice hikes among the lava flows. I'd add a photo of the mountains, but they have disappeared in the fog/cloud cover. Maybe tomorrow.

It is now 4:45, and down to 52°F. I'm not sure what dinner will be, but it will be something cooked in the toaster oven indoors. The trailer could use the heat, and it is still pouring outside.

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