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Day 26

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Sunday, November 8, 2015, Catalina State Park, AZ, 256 Miles, 3212.7 Miles for the Trip

I got an early start to the day, packed up & drove out of the park round 8:30. Most of the drive to Tucson was on I10. Boring, but great on gas mileage. As I pulled into the campground I was at 18.3MPG. No headwind & dropping 2000' helped. I even did better towing the trailer than the trip to Gila Cliff Dwellers with just the RAV4 - that was around 17MPG.

I'm in site B35 for three days. Arizona is going to kill my campground costs. I was at an average of $15.87 at the end of my stays in New Mexico. Arizona is one of the more expensive states (although well below California & Washington). My water & electric site is $25.00 per night. A great view out the front window of the mountains overlooking the campground.

It is much warmer here than in City of Rocks - around 82°F this afternoon. Speaking of City of Rocks, I took a photo of one of the non-hookup sites on my way out of the park so you can see how nice they are.

City of Rocks Non Electric Site

Site B35, Catalina State Park, AZ

I sat outside & read for awhile, talked with my daughter Karin & grandkids on Skype, and made a late day run to Walmart, about 1 mile from the campground. Along with some resupplies, I picked up a frozen pizza. I can't keep a 12" pizza in the freezer since it isn't deep enough, so if I buy one I have to cook it right away. No problem since I haven't had a pizza since I left home.

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