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Day 45

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Friday, November 27, 2015, La Posa West LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 11, 0 Miles, 3,585.9 Miles for the Trip

Another cool night, but the furnace kept the trailer livable. It didn't warm up all that much during the day - low 33°F, the high 61°F. After a walk & breakfast I went to the Hi Jolly cemetery to shoot a photo of the marker for the tomb of Hadji Ali (where Hi Jolly comes from). He was a camel driver who worked for the army before the Civil War as part of an experiment to determine if camels could be used a pack animals. The camel on top of the tomb is a tribute to Big Rd, Hi Jolly's favorite.

Hi Jolly Tomb & Cemetery My New Neighbor & the Most Unusual Trailer in La Posa

I also did some Christmas shopping since it is Black Friday (not that there seamed to be any Black Friday sales).

When I got back to the trailer I wandered down to meet a new neighbor that arrived last night. People joke about campers that bring their whole house - well, he did! It isn't quite finished (the inside is still a shell except for a working toilet & holding tank), but it is a tiny house on wheels. 13'4" tall so it fits main highway bridges, and sure attracts attention. The owner said he had people chasing him to get a closer look. I'm not sure where he is from, but he stopped in Phoenix on the way.

I did a bit or reading (in a sweatshirt & quilted vest), then cooked dinner - Rice & Orange Chicken. Looks to be another cool night - it is already down to 54°F at 6:00.

Until Tomorrow -

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