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Friday, December 18, 2015, La Posa West LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 30, 0 Miles, 4,046.3 Miles for the Trip

Much warmer today; I'm finally beating out the temperatures in Oswego, NY! I walked to the gas station for coffee this morning. Yesterday, rather than going all the way to the gas station, I stopped at the Espresso wagon on the corner of US 95 & Kuehn St (the first light heading into town from the campground), a much shorter walk. The only problem is a plain coffee from them is 6 times the $.65 at the gas station, and I do need the exercise of the longer walk. Still, their latte was pretty good (but even more expensive). I just can't get used to paying over $4.00 for a cup of coffee! (Obviously I don't spend much time at Starbucks!)

After breakfast I checked with the FedEx tracking to see how far along my daughter's package was in its travels from Washington, DC. It left Yuma this morning, and should be in Quartzsite at the Good Times building by the end of the day. After lunch I headed out to take some photos of Quartzsite. Since I've been here a month, I thought I'd show some of the sights. Lots of activity all around Quartzsite - the large gem show opens the first week of January, and after that the big tent RV show opens. All kinds of booths, RV stores, etc are moving in.

The campground is divided into 4 sections, (La Posa West, La Posa East, La Posa South & La Posa Tyson Wash), each with a brick building (complete with solar power for the building & the section host) that issues permits. I only included a photo of La Posa South - they all look the same. If you read books, stop at each - they keep a library of books to trade in each office, have maps of the campground and other general information. For those that have never been here, you purchase either a $40.00 2 week or $180.00 season (7 months) permit, then find a spot to park. You are good just about anywhere, although it is a bad idea to park in a wash - while dry now, they can become rivers in a rainstorm.

If you don't want to stay for 2 weeks, you can camp for free at a couple of areas outside of Quartzsite. While free and limited to a 2 week stay, you don't get access to the dumpsters, dump stations or water fill stations at the LTVAs. The Pit Stop on AZ 95 (North of I 10 it is AZ 95, South it is US 95) has a dump station, fresh water & dumpsters, all for a fee.

While it is filling up, there are still many parts of the LTVAs that you can be by yourself. I just had a 5th wheel pull in just in front of my trailer; not sure why he wanted to be so close, but if it really bothers me, I'll move the next time I take the trailer to the dump station.

After photos of a couple more features of the LTVA (Long Term Visitors Area) I drove around town & took photos of some of the places I've spent time visiting or shopping.

La Posa South Office The "2" Hole Vault at La Posa South Water Filling Station, La Posa South The Dump Stations, La Posa South
The "Dry" Dump Station (for Portable Tanks) Another Vault Toilet at La Posa South Entering Quartzsite & La Posa West & North The Grubstake (Where You Can Wait Over An Hour For a Pollock Fish Dinner)
The Pit Stop (Dump, Fresh Water, Propane, etc) My Regular Coffee Stop The Stage Coach Restaurant & Motel (Burgers & Mexican) Gem World - Everything Gem Wise
Times 3 Restaurant Silly Al's (Good Pizza) The Quiet Times (Office Supplies, FedEx & UPS Deliveries, etc) A Junk Yard
The General Store (Best Meat in Town) Reader's Oasis Books - Lots of Used Books & a Naked Man Sweet Darlene's (Good Home Cooked Meals) & All You Can Eat Cod on Fridays The Roadrunner Market
The Espresso Wagon      

I checked at the Quiet Times when I stopped to take a photo & my package was in. $1.00 charge to pick it up - Much easier than trying to pick up a package at the Post Office since they only do General Delivery 11:00AM - 1:00PM, and there is usually a line out the door.

Dinner is going to be a trip with Glenda to Sweet Darlene's for their Friday all you can eat cod dinner. I had it a couple of weeks ago & found it much better than the pollack at the Grubstake (and it arrived much faster!)

Until Tomorrow -

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