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Tuesday, December 22, 2015, La Posa West LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 34, 0 Miles, 4,046.3 Miles for the Trip

Warm overnight - I woke up to 51°F 6:00AM. A cool, cloudy day with not quite enough sun to bring the batteries back to full even with limiting the use of electricity. I did take a break from electrical fasting to write & post today's page during the peak of the solar output, although at 2:30 there was barely enough current from the panels to power the laptop.

I took a break earlier & went in search of a needle & thread. I thought I had one of those "emergency" sewing kits, but while I found three eyeglasses repair kits, no sewing kit. One of my brand new flannel shirts had a button fall off the first time I buttoned it (what do you want for $12.00?) I found a sewing kit for $1.00 at the dollar store (where else?) I do wish it came with a carrying case, but for a buck I can't complain, and a zip lock bag works.

After sewing the button back on the shirt, I sat in the trailer and read. Far too windy to sit outside, although the temperature isn't too bad at 67°F. We are suppose to have cloudy days right up until Christmas.

I made reservations for the 8th Townsend, TN rally in April. I'm reserved for site 2 April 13 - 18th. After that it is back home to Oswego.

Dinner will be the last of the left over Mexican rice & something that I haven't picked out yet. I guess it will have to be something that can be cooked frozen!

Until Tomorrow -

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