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Monday, January 11, 2016, La Posa West LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 54, 0 Miles, 4,046.3 Miles for the Trip

Since I had time to kill before going for my steak, I stopped again at the gem & mineral show to take some photos of the booth. I also bought a piece of Malachite for $10.00. A very pretty lump of rock. So, my two Quartzsite mineral purchases are a Meteorite & the Malachite rock.

Malachite Meteorite The Quartzsite Gem & Mineral Show
The Quartzsite Gem & Mineral Show
The Quartzsite Gem & Mineral Show
The Quartzsite Gem & Mineral Show
The Quartzsite Gem & Mineral Show
The Quartzsite Gem & Mineral Show

I had my Chicken Fried Steak dinner at Sweet Darleen's for dinner last night. While not the best (which, strangely enough was at a tourist trap - The Calico Ghost Town in California), it was well above the worst, which was at the Two Sisters near Babb (that is what it says on my "T" shirt), MT (just outside the east entrance to Glacier National Park). I fully believe that the cook ran out of steaks & used one of his shoes to make my dinner. The steak at Sweet Darlene's was tender enough, but the mashed potatoes tasted like they were made from powdered potatoes, and the vegetables from a can. Still, at $8.95 for dinner, the price is hard to beat.

When I got back to my site after dinner I found a large class A parked right next to my trailer. The woman complained that I was in her spot & that 4 more RVs were on their way. I explained that I'd been here since November 17th, and while I do think she expected me to move, I didn't. I sure understand why owners of fiberglass trailers call the big class A motorhomes "sunblockers". I'm still OK for the morning & afternoon sun, but my portable panel isn't going to see any late afternoon sun, and my view of the mountains from my front window has been replaced by the passenger side of their RV. Sure hope I'm not surrounded by the rest of them. The rules for the LTVA require as least 15' separation between RVs, but no 50' minimum that I've seen for most BLM areas. While they are a little more than 15' from my trailer, their shadow isn't!

While talking with the Class A owners, a SUV pulled up. Clark & Nina have a Trillium & built the Rikki-tikki-tavi, a 41' 10" tri hulled sailboat. I first met them at Cattail Cove State Park during a 2014 trip around the country. I recommend reading their "Building Rikki-tikki-tavi" pages for the fascinating story of the birth of the boat. We talked a bit, then they headed back to the Roadrunner camping area 5 miles south of Quartzsite.

Anyhow, now to today. So far no more class A's (at least part of the group who's area I stole). I walked to the gas station for coffee, bought another Powerball ticket (I just don't understand why the one I bought last week didn't win me $800,000.00 (I did win $4.00); maybe I'm suppose to get $1,200,000,000.00 this week?) I don't usually buy lottery tickets, but when they get worth that much I can't help it!

Nice clear skies today, although a bit cool. I spent most of the afternoon talking with neighbors, reading, and hanging out around the campground. Glenda (in the Casita next door) suggested meeting another Casita owner at Silly Al's for a late lunch/early dinner, but had the dates mixed up - she is coming tomorrow.

So, I'm back at the trailer with a full stomach at 3:30. It has warmed up reasonably well to 56°F & the sun is strong enough so it feels warmer (as long as you are out of the wind) so I'm heading outside to finish my current book after posting.

Until Tomorrow -

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