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Day 115

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Friday, February 5, 2016, Dome Rock BLM Area, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 5, 0 Miles, 4,057.9 Miles for the Trip

I love the weather. It is getting warmer every day (and night). The furnace only ran enough to add 4 amp hours to the battery drain, and most of that was around sunrise, the coolest part of the night/day.

For anyone following my journals, you know I'm obsessed with trees, so I took a couple of photos of the tree next to my current location. I say current, because I may move tomorrow morning. If the space is still available, I'm going to move closer to the main entrance so I will be closer to the Dutch Oven demo & other goings on. While I like my cactus & tree and neighbors, the location is a bit far from the center of things.

The Tree (and Cactus)Next Door


After breakfast I checked the propane and found an empty tank. I stopped at Loves to get it filled, waited 5 minutes for someone to arrive to do the filling, gave up and headed to Fill R Up Propane. Same price ($1.99 per gallon), in fact I got a discount because I'm a Vet.

After that it was back to the trailer and sitting outside eating peanuts & reading. I met more new arrivals - as far as I can tell, we now have 3 Olivers, 8 Casitas, 2 Scamp 19s, and 3 Escapes, a 17, 19, & 21.

Since it is Friday, a bunch of us went to Sweet Darlene's for the Friday Jumbo Cod special. Along with excellent cod, the had coconut cream pie as a dessert special, so we all had a piece. Very good pie!

Until tomorrow -

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