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Monday, June 8, 2015, Willow Lake Park, Woodstock, Ontario, CA, 239.5 Miles Today, 239.5 Miles for the Trip

With the last minute packing, breakfast, and "closing down the house", we didn't get going until 9:00. The starting mileage on the RAV4 is 108,983, 57,714 of that towing. As of the start of the trip I've spent 613 days (or should I call that "nights") in the trailer.

The trip across NY on NY 104 wasn't too bad, although the usual slowdown in Rochester. The plan was to cross into Canada at the Lewiston bridge, however we kind of missed a turn, and the next stop was the center of town & the Rainbow Bridge. A 5 - 10 minute wait, but an easy crossing. We did have rain off & on, heavy at times, but light for the most part.

We are set up in two sites next to each other (even facing each other) at the Willow Lake Park in Woodstock, Ontario. A Hydro & Electric site for $45.20 Canadian, with tax. Not a place I would recommend for a long stay, but fine for overnight. There is a fair amount of highway noise, and, since it is on a hill, some jake brakes from trucks. another minor problem - the steep, gravel driveway was fine with the 4 wheel drive RAV4, but they are going to have to do a bit of patching after Don's front wheel drive only Sienna spun on the hill.

I'll start out with 2 site photos, since there are two of us; I don't know how long that will last...

Ready to Leave Oswego
Site 88, Willow Lake Park in Woodstock, Ontario (Mine)
Site 87, Willow Lake Park in Woodstock, Ontario (Don & Anne's)

While the Woodall's Campground Guide states there is WiFi, it must be in the office or broken - nothing on site, and, of course, because we are in Canada, the cost of firing up my Verizon Jetpack is out of the question! I'll post this the next time I find a connection.

Dinner was Linguine Alfredo made by Anne.

An added note - I did find the WiFi hotspot at the campground office. Fast enough, but a very limited range. Still, I did get to post today's page...

Until then -

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