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Sunday, August 2, 2015, Crescent Beach RV Park, Port Angeles, WA, - 194.1 Miles Today, 7912 For the Trip

I left early, planning to take the ferry between Lynnwood & Edmonds. It saves about 80 miles of driving, but to be sure to get one you need an early boat. Since it would cost around $80.00, I'd use less than $80.00 worth of gas driving, and I wouldn't be able to get into the campground until at least 11:00. So, I decided to take the land route. Not a bad drive, although much of it was on busy 4 lane (minimum) roads, even at 7:00AM on a Sunday.

I arrived at he campground around 11:30 & discovered that their check out time was 2:00 & there was someone in my assigned site. I parked at the side of the sites, and took a walk on the beach. That was, after registering & paying for the site. You get a wrist band (like at concerts & RV shows, etc) that gives you permission to walk on the beach. A bit different than the Great Lakes, or Nantucket, for that matter. There, no one owns below the high water mark. Here, apparently, they own to the water, no matter where the tide is. I watched one of the "guards" chase a couple of stand up paddle boarders off the beach when they came onto the shore for a break.

They should add the name resort to this campground, but only because of the price - $50.69 per night. I wanted to stop at the Elwha Dam campground; it had the best reviews in the area, but it was full. Sites here are burned up grass, full hookups & one bathroom with two unisex showers located at the other end of the campground. They also have a novel solution to wasting hot water & cleaning - both shower doors have been locked all day even though there is a sign on the doors saying leave the doors open when not in use. I finally knocked, and no one answered...

They do have a nice beach - I took a couple of photos so I could get my moneys worth. When I got back from my walk there was still a van in my site, so they gave me one next to it. Nice campground hosts, but they sure protect their beach! I wish they did as much for their sites - dog poop is on the side of my site. At least it is on the sewer side!

I went back after dinner to catch some of the nice evening light & chase some seagulls.

The View From My Front Window
Interesting Driftwood
Low Tide
Higher Tide
Site 6
Evening Light
Evening Light & Seagulls
Evening Light & Seagulls
Evening Light
Evening Light
Evening Light & Seagulls

Sunset Panorama (Large Version - 1.8MB)

Dinner, by the way, was a Marie Callender's frozen Country Fried Chicken dinner. OK, but not as good as home made.

Until Next Time -

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