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Saturday, August 8, 2015, Snake River RV Park, Idaho Falls, ID - 86.1 Miles Today, 8855.8 For the Trip

As promised, I've included some of the photos of the EBR-1 Museum I took yesterday. While the entire plant is interesting to anyone wanting to know more about the early history of the use of "atomic" energy to produce electricity, the part of the exhibit I can't get over is the two atomic airplane engines located outside the building. While the engines were built & tested, the airplane, designed for 5 day flights, was obsolete before it was ever built. Still, the engines are impressive.

About Arco & Atoms For Peace
The EBR-1
Heater #1
Heater #1
Heater #3
Heater #3
About the Engines
About the Airplane
The Start Up Crew
The Control Room
The Generator & Turbine
A Building Near Arco
Site A11, Snake River RV Park

It rained off & on all night, with a few breaks during the morning. Someone pulled into site 20 with a class C blocking a forward exit from my site. It was no problem since I could still back out if necessary, and since I only planned for a short drive today, didn't have to leave early. I met the couple and their family after breakfast - 5 kids. I remember how difficult it was with 2 teenagers on camping trips. We were in tents than, but even with a fairly large Class C RV, 5 kids (not all teenagers) has to be quite an adventure!

Since I had been doing a lot of driving without the trailer, I reset the MPG calculator on the RAV4. Fairly flat roads between Arco & Idaho Falls so I ended up getting 17.3MPG driving at 59MPH. Unfortunately, that won't last. I stopped for the night at the Snake River RV Park in Idaho Falls, ID. I'm in site A-11, a back in grass site with electric & water for $36.61 with the Good Sam's discount. Quite a slope to the site - I had to unhook and add a couple of Leggo blocks under the jack to level the trailer.

After setting up the trailer I went looking for a haircut. Found a barber (actually all the places listed under Google seemed to be hairdressers) and got my haircut for $10.00 + tip. I also stopped at Albertson's for some supplies. I'm currently looking for an "instant read" meat thermometer. My last one died, and the Good Cook brand I bought to replace it said "instant" on the package, but is anything but. It takes 30 - 45 seconds to come up to the temperature of what you are measuring. My last one did it is a few seconds. I found one that claims 4-6 seconds at Amazon, but don't plan to be anywhere long enough until later in the trip to have it shipped. I'll look for a kitchen supply to see if I can find a good one. Since I tend to cook lots of chicken, I want to be able to check the temperature while grilling.

After shopping, it was back to the trailer & a bit of reading & a shower. Since I'm heading to the Tetons, I will be dry camping for a few days, so it is now or never! Well, not really never, but a shower in the small wet bath of the escape is something I avoid as much as possible.

Dinner was a grilled chicken breast, peaches, and cookies for dessert.

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