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Day 2

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Saturday, July 23, 2016, Stony Brook Recreation, Hanover, ME 189.4 Miles, 413.5 Miles for the Trip

Another early morning - I just can't get in the "vacation" mode. In any case, I sat around listening to NPR, had a yogurt for breakfast, made a pot of coffee, and slowly got the trailer ready to move. We did stop by the lighthouse for a picture on the way out of the campground.

Most of the day was spent crossing Vermont, New Hampshire and a bit of Maine on US 2. I did much of this section during my trip to Nova Scotia two years ago and don't remember US 2 being in as bad shape. Lots of patched road with lumps & bumps, but they are rebuilding some of the bridges - automatic stop lights to make use of one lane for both directions. We hit quite a bit of rain along the way. Unfortunately, my attempts at fixing the leak in the ARE topper were unsuccessful. I suspect if is leaking at the front of one of the side windows since I pretty much caulked or backer rodded the edges of the joint between the shell and the truck sides. I'll keep working at it, but I have to say that I have not been impressed by the ARE quality. Leaks, fiberglass shards on the inside, and at the top front a window that isn't - there is a piece of smoked plastic that looks like a window from the outside, but a hole through the shell was never cut. Probably just as well, it would probably leak.

We pulled into Stony Brook Recreation campground around 3:30. The site map shows sites 5 & 6 (I'm in 6) next to each other. Only problem is the horse shoe pits, shuffle boards, etc are between the sites, so we are a long way apart. On top of that, I paid for an electric & water site, but the only electric & water is connected by sharing the pedestal at site 4, too far away for a 30' cord (and there is only one 30 amp receptacle - I'm connected to a 15 amp receptacle with an adapter, my 30' cord & a 25' extension cord. Good thing it is raining & I don't need the air conditioner. I have to say this is not my favorite campground of this (or, probably any) trip.

The Champlain Monument Lighthouse Site 6, Stony Brook Recreation Campground, Hanover, ME Off in the distance, Site 5


Enough griping for the day; I'm probably whining because of the rain...

Since it is still raining, dinner will probably be Chimichangas nuked in Don & Anne's microwave. Even if it stops raining, the trees will keep dripping so we will want to stay inside.

Until next time -

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