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Day 15

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Monday, November 14, 2016, South Toledo Bend State Park, LA, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 1753.6 Miles For the Trip

After breakfast I tried to call the Leesville dentist I found on Google, but my phone showed no service. It had been going between "Off Network" and no service all evening, and, of course, when I needed it, it wasn't there. I decided to drive to Leesville (about 30 miles from the campground) and just walk in, but after about 10 miles on the way, I checked the phone & found I had an "Extended" signal. Called, and they had a 12:30 appointment. I drove back to the campground & read for a couple of hours.

After filling out many pages of "new patient" info, got X rays, then saw the dentist. The bad news, the tooth couldn't just be filled; it was too far gone. He suggested rebuilding the base & getting a crown when I'm in some place long enough. More bad news - after removing the old filling & decay, there wasn't enough tooth left for the doctor to be comfortable rebuilding it. His suggestion was to pull it. Cheaper than getting it built, and he really felt the build up would fail.

So, I no longer have tooth #3! No pain since it was one that already had a root canal. I'm from pre fluoride days, and have fillings in just about every tooth, with a bunch of root canals & crowns, and now a big hole. How it will be replaced won't happen until May when I get back to Oswego & my regular dentist.

While I'm in no pain, the dentist insisted on a prescription for some pain killers in case things start acting up this evening. I also picked up some tomato soup for dinner - soft stuff for a day or two.

On the way back to the campground I stopped to take a couple of photos of an interesting dried up section of a lake & stream:

Interesting Lake Interesting Lake

Dinner was tomato soup & a sweet roll. All in all, not my favorite day of the trip!

Until tomorrow -


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