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Day 29

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Monday, November 28, 2016, Matagorda Bay Nature Park, TX, Day 9, 0 Miles, 2,105.1 Miles For the Trip

Up to now I've only thought it was windy. last night the wind picked up, and never quit all day. I've sat through worse in the trailer, but up until dinner time it was constant. Still very warm - 80°F even with the wind. According to the weather reports, is is going to get cooler, both during the day & particularly at night - down into the 40's.

I spent most of the day sitting outside in the wind shadow of the trailer reading. I did take a break to go to the office & pay for yesterday's washer loads, and a little later walked out to end of the fishing to take some photos. Hard to believe, but there were people fishing, although they didn't seem to be catching much.

The Gulf The Gulf Fishing Shore Birds

In some ways it is nice to hear the waves; reminds me of home. While most people think of lakes as calm, placid bodies of water, Lake Ontario is one of the "Great Lakes", and can kick up waves with the best of them.

The Oswego Lighthouse 47' Coast Guard & Waves

There is one difference - because Lake Ontario, at least in the area near my house, has a rock/gravel shoreline, along with the roar of the waves you also listen to the grinding of the rocks. In any case, it sounds familiar.

After taking the pictures, I headed back to the trailer to do so more reading, than stopped to make dinner & post this page. Dinner was a Cajun Sausage sandwich & peaches, with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Until Tomorrow -


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