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Day 42

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Sunday, December 11, 2016, Davis Mountain State Park, TX, 140.8 Miles, 2,964.5 Miles For the Trip

I was hoping that once I left Big Bend, I would have an internet connection that would let me post the last 4 days of journals & photos. Unfortunately, although I stopped a couple of times at places that showed a cell signal, none of them were fast enough for the photos. Here at Davis Mountain State Park, they have WiFi, however it is very slow & won't pass either mail or my posts to my ISP. Strangely enough, it does let me read & post to forums. So, it won't be until tomorrow for the updates.

This morning was warmer than yesterday, actually above freezing (just). Overnight I left the D700 outside on a tripod, hoping to do a star trail type photo after the moon set (at 4:30AM). While I woke up in time to do the photo, there was so much condensation on the lens and camera that it was impossible. I did take a photo to show the effect of a fogged lens.

The tree crew arrived around 8:00 & started cutting at the other end of the campground. I packed up the trailer & headed out. My first stop was when my AT&T iPhone showed a signal. Unfortunately, neither AT&T or Verizon actually had a usable connection. While stopped, I met Kelly, a hiker who has spent the last 14 days hiking around Big Bend. He asked me to call his wife when I found a cell signal that worked and let her know he was still alive. Seems tonight was the date she was suppose to call the park to send out a search team unless she heard from him. He is doing OK, but was delayed 3 days by snow & freezing fog. She was glad for the call.

Early With Moonlight Fogged Lens at 4:30AM The Trimmers Arrive Site 36


I debated with myself (the best kind of debate since you always win) about stopping at Davis Mountain or going on closer to 200 miles. There wasn't much in the way of campgrounds at the 200 mile distance, so I stopped here for the night. I'm in site 36, a water & electric site for $26.00 per night. I did hook up the water, hoping that it won't freeze overnight.

I'm going to spend the afternoon reading for a bit, waiting for the shower room to warm up. It is nice out at 69°F, but the bathroom is holding last night's cold.

The showers were well designed with plenty of hot water & standard shower heads, however the bathroom was still much colder than the outside air at 3:30. Still, nice & refreshing after 3 days dry camping.

Dinner was a couple of grilled cheese & peanut butter sandwiches and a salad. Yes, grilled cheese & peanut butter. I've heard of putting just about anything in with the cheese in grilled sandwiches, but is seems only my family has carried on the tradition of peanut butter & grilled cheese. Try it! A good combination.

Until Tomorrow -

Well, I'm finally in a Verizon serviced area that is fast enough to post. No AT&T, so no phone calls, but here at the junction of US 90 & I 10 at least I can get the last 5 days of pages posted.


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