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Day 62

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Saturday, December 31, 2016, Imperial Dam, CA, 68 Miles, 3,923.7 Miles For the Trip

After my walk for coffee & breakfast, I rechecked the level of the black tank & decided it was time to make a run to the dump station. For those not familiar with a typical trailer water system, there are 3 tanks. The Escape 17b has a fresh water tank (20 gallons), a gray tank that drains the sinks & shower (26 gallons) and a black tank that drains the toilet (19 gallons). Depending on how much you take standard showers, the gray or black tank fills first.

In my case, I take sponge baths or navy showers, both of which use little water, so my black tank fills first. Since the electronic indicators rarely provide accurate tank levels, the solution is to use a flashlight to look down into the tank (directly below the toilet dump valve). Not the most pleasant solution, but about the only one that provides positive information.

Anyhow, it was time to dump. I packed up the trailer, including pulling the rug & hummingbird feeder, table, grill, etc. I would have left most of the outside stuff if I was coming back to the same location, but I decided I would either move to a new location at Quartzsite, or head for Imperial Dam in California, another LTVA BLM location. Strangely enough, the trailer next to me at the dump station was an Oliver, another brand of fiberglass trailer. We chatted to pass the time while the tanks drained, then I headed back out of La Posa South. At the entrance I flipped a mental coin & turned left, heading to Imperial Dam.

A little over an hour drive, although since it is on the other side of the Colorado River, an hour later since the river is both the time zone change & the California/Arizona border. Because most of Arizona is closer to the Imperial Dam area, at least by road, (it is only about 2 miles into CA) most run on Arizona time. In any case, I stopped for fresh water, chatted with someone whose friend owns an Escape 17B, then drove to my favorite section of the campground, a bluff overlooking the Gravel Pit Ramada. There is a truck camper in my usual spot, so I am a bit further north that I was last year. A beautiful clear day, with temperatures in the low 70's (about 10 degrees warmer than Quartzsite). They did have rain all day yesterday, but it is nice now. There is a strong Verizon 4G LTE signal at my campsite, and, even with an external antenna & amplifier, no AT&T available.

While I was setting up Anne Henderson (Right Brain; Right Lane) stopped by. She switched from an Escape 17 to an Escape 19 and is currently here at Imperial Dam.

I did manage to make a Facetime connection over WiFi to Don & Anne to wish them a happy New Year & get a video tour of their Christmas decorations, but so far no luck contacting my son. I left him some voice mail on the drive down, so he knows I'm out of range here at Imperial Dam. I was hoping the AT&T coverage had improved since I'd been told that they increased the power at their tower. I was picking up one bar off and on along the road between US 95 & the camping area, but nothing here.

I have a couple of photos of the entrance to the Yuma Proving grounds (the road that eventually ends up at the LTVA area). Unfortunately, my 2 years in the army don't qualify me for shopping at the base PX. Too bad, I've been told it is a great deal for all kinds of stuff. I have driven on bast to purchase gasoline & propane, which is available to all.

The Entrance to the Yuma Proving Grounds at US 95 Kids Climbing on One of the Guns My "Site" at Imperial Dam


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