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Day 72

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017, La Posa West, Quartzsite AZ, Day 15, 0 Miles, 3,991.7 Miles For the Trip

Another nice evening, and although it did get down to 49°F during the early morning, it was in the 50's most of the night; the furnace only ran once around 7:00AM. Right now, at 3:00, it is 72°F with a light breeze.

I did my traditional walk for coffee this morning, and after breakfast, my usual forum & web page reading. Around noon I headed to town. The first stop was at Quiet Times to see if my package from China with the replacement GPS cables arrived. They did, but it cost extra because DHL didn't use the proper address & it was delivered to the Post Office. $3.50 instead of the usual $1.00. On top of that, the cables are the wrong ones for the Solmeta Pro 2 GPS. The Nikon end is OK, but the GPS end doesn't fit. I emailed them & hope it can get fixed. The delivery costs were more than the cables, so I hope they don't want them back.

After that it was over to the Post Office to mail my brother a birthday card. I usually send cards that make noise (I guess it is the old sound designer in me) and they require extra postage, so I can't just put a stamp on them. This one was $1.15 to mail to Nantucket, MA. Not too crowded yet - I only had 4 people in front of me; not much different from the Post Office home in Oswego.

I wandered around the booths next to the Post Office & took a few photos, then headed over to the "Big Tent" to take some "before" photos. I was hoping to get a completely empty photo, but they had already set up the dividers between the booths, although none of them are occupied yet. Still, it looks a lot different than it will in two weeks, and is a view you won't see again, at least empty! On the way back I took a photo of the large wash between the show grounds & La Posa West. It is a very short walk between my trailer & the show, although there are only a few spots where you can climb the steep bank on the show grounds side.

A Typical Booth Typical Stuff The Post Office The Big Tent
Inside the Big Tent The Wash    

Back at the trailer it was an afternoon of reading, chatting with Linda & Mel, & relaxing.

Dinner was a couple of Chicken things that I don't have the name of because I got rid of the box to save space in the freezer. Too bad, because I like them, and don't know if I'd recognize the box if I saw it again. They look like UP Pasties, but filled with chicken, cheese & rice with Mexican spices. While I've eaten one cooked in the microwave, it was a bit soggy, so this time they were baked in the Dutch Oven. I had my usually temperature adjust problems & overcooked them, but they came out better than when microwaved. I Can't wait for the Escape 21 with a gas oven!

Until Tomorrow -


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