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Day 115

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017, Red Rock Canyon State Park, CA, 106 Miles, 4,550.1 Miles For the Trip

While I was up early, I hide out in the trailer waiting for the day to warm up. It was 45°F at 6:30AM. I did manage to use the Jetpack to connect to my usual NPR news station in Phoenix (KJZZ) so I finally got to listen to Morning Edition. During breakfast, the door to the refrigerator fell off. The lower right hinge broke, something that happened last year at Quartzsite. I'll have to find a RV service center along my route that I can call to order one, and hold until I get there. For now, I added a bunch of washers to keep it together, and will definitely remember to use the strap when traveling!

I checked to see if any of the serviced sites at the Furnace Creek campground at Death Valley were available, and they were not, so I decided I'd stop at one of the prettiest parks in California, Red Rock Canyon State Park. Not too long a drive, although part of it was on a truck infested I 15. The park, like the last time I was here in 2014, is pretty near empty. There were 2 other vehicles when I arrived, now at 4:30, there are a few more, maybe 5 total.

It looks like they had a recent bad rain storm. Many of the sites are still under water, and others are very muddy. I parked in site 10, although both 19 & 24 are also very nice pull through sites, with 24 next to a standard vault toilet. I say "standard" because the one near site 10 is "open air", ie, no roof. Doesn't look like much fun in the rain, but sitting under the stars must be something else! I don't plan on finding out because it looks to be a cool night. Very windy, in fact, probably too windy to fire up the grill. I'll probably have something inside.

On the way into the campground I took a panorama of the rocks at the entrance, and after setting up the trailer, I walked around the campground taking a few photos, then headed into the trailer to get out of the wind.

The Entrance to the Campground Large JPG (2.5MB)


Site 10 The Toilets No Roof The Campground
The Campground The Campground A Muddy Site A Flooded Site
Site 19 Site 24 The Campground A Joshua Tree Bloom
A Joshua Tree in Bloom Two Handicapped Sites    

I'll try to post the thumbnails of today's photos, but while there is a 3 bar Verizon 4G LTE signal, they must be using a dog sled to deliver the bits to the internet. It is so slow that even with a 2 minute upload window set in Dreamweaver, it times out on all the large images, and some of the thumbnails. I'll have to redo the uploads tomorrow, assuming that Verizon still has a good tower at Death Valley.

Dinner was soup.

Until Tomorrow -


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