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Day 122

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017, Valley of Fire State Park, NV, Day 2, 0 Miles, 4,899.3 Miles For the Trip

While the trailer didn't get any miles on it today, the truck did. After breakfast I packed up the laundry & headed to Overton and the Suds & Duds laundromat. Unfortunately, it was closed, and, by the look of the insides, not just for the day. A campground at the other end of town listed a laundromat on its sign, so I stopped in the office. The laundromat is only for those camping in the park. I thought about paying for one night to use the laundry, but it was cheaper to drive to Mesquite 43 miles away and their laundromat. As usual, Matilda, the lady in my Garmin, sent me to the wrong place. I don't know why Garmin had a problem with laundromats, but I have never had it actually direct me to one. After finding the address in Google, I ended up at the Northview Laundromat. Very busy, but inexpensive (other than the $16.00 for gas for the 100 mile round trip in the truck).

So, rather than an hour of so, I didn't get back to Overton until around 3:00. I stopped at the Lin's Marketplace for some fried chicken for dinner.

I walked around the campground after dinner, and was stopped by someone looking for the "Sleeping Giant". I had no idea where or what it was, but as I continued the walk I passed the host site & asked. They pointed it out - it is a formation on the ridge on one of the red rock mountains across from the campground. Very obvious once it is pointed out!


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