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Day 125

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Saturday, March 4, 2017, Valley of Fire State Park, NV, Day 5, 0 Miles, 4,899.3 Miles For the Trip

After breakfast I headed to the Atlatl picnic area for a demonstration & hands on toss of an arrow using an Atlatl, a native american throwing stick. I did much better this year than when I tried in 2014 - I actually hit the deer!

Last Night Interesting Plant Petroglyphs The Stairs to the Petroglyphs
Demonstration Atlatls About the Atlatl Demonstration
Demonstration Our Attempts Our Attempts  

After that it was off to see some more of the rock formations scattered around the park. First to the Beehives, then I drove the Scenic Drive that goes between the campgrounds & the main road. On the way to "The Cabins" I found a small herd of sheep & stopped for a few photos. With the 400mm lens I didn't have to get close enough to bother them. Unfortunately, others chased them away.

At the cabins, there was a hawk chasing a crow. A second crow came to the rescue & together they chased the hawk away.

The Beehives The Beehives Along the Scenic Drive Along the Scenic Drive
Along the Scenic Drive Along the Scenic Drive Along the Scenic Drive Along the Scenic Drive
Along the Scenic Drive Arch Rock Arch Rock Sheep
Sheep Sheep Sheep The Cabins
The Cabins Hawk Chasing A Crow The Hawk The Hawk

The wind is picking up (We are suppose to get 50MPH gusts tomorrow) so I started to do some packing up this afternoon. I put away the hummingbird feeder (not one hummingbird. It must be cooler this year than 2014 when I had a bunch of them about the same time of year). I also folded the mat while the wind was calm enough to do it.

While there is still a chicken breast left, I think I'm going to toss it and use what may be my last day with electrical hookups to bake a chicken pot pie in the toaster oven.

Until Tomorrow -


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