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Matagorda Madness, 2018

The 2016 Matagorda Madness Rally, Matagorda Bay Nature Center, TX

I'm on a trip to the southwest for the winter (I prefer to miss Oswego's 150" - 200" inches of snow) and on the way through Texas decided to stop at the Matagorda Madness Rally. I've met a few individuals that told me I should attend some year, and this is the one.

While the rally officially starts on December 1st, individuals started arriving as early as Saturday, the 26th. As the days went on, more arrivals.

November 27th

The First Arrival Another Early Arrival Another Early Arrival My Site

November 29th

An Oliver Arrives Lots of Casitas Lots of Casitas The Protesters
The Protesters A Burro That Left A Scamp 19 Lots of Casitas

November 30th - More Arrivals & Trailers

While the rally doesn't start until December 1st, on November 30th there was a beer exchange. Lots of snacks & local brews up for trade.

Getting Instructions The Beer Exchange The Beer Exchange The Beer Exchange
The Beer Exchange The Beer Exchange    

December 1st

An Oliver Next Door A Bit Windy Our Tent 2017 Escape 21
Around the Campground Around the Campground Around the Campground Around the Campground
Around the Campground      

Due to scheduling problems with the Meeting Rooms for Friday & Saturday, the pot luck was held today (Thursday). As usual, plenty of food for all. One of the best starts ever! I was sitting in the back of the room & they started the line at our tables. With a name like Vermilye, I'm used to being last for almost all lines. This was great!

After the pot luck some hardy souls gathered around a beach campfire.

Around the Campfire Around the Campfire Around the Campfire

December 2nd -

The schedule for today included "Rafting on the Colorado River". Not quite the same as a ride on the other Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, but with the combination of the wind & outgoing tide, they are lucky they didn't end up in Cancun! The ride usually takes an hour, and was done in 10 minutes, so they did it twice.

Around the Campground Around the Campground Around the Campground Around the Campground
Smile For the Camera! Rafting Down the River Rafting Down the River Rafting Down the River
Rafts Going Home Back on Land    

It started to drizzle as well as bursts of rain, and the wind picked up. Some of us retreated to a tent the park set up for us since the meeting rooms were being set up for a wedding tomorrow. The tent was complete with tables, lights and heaters.

Hanging Out In the Tent

Around 5:00 most of us headed to the Waterfront Restaurant for dinner.

December 3rd -

A very wet Saturday. No one went on the kayak tour during the morning, and the group photo was inside the tent. Not all the group was there - many had already left due to the weather, and some were huddled in their trailers. Due to a late arrival and so the photographer (me) could get in the group, there are multiple photos. As you can see, it was raining at the time. One of the photos shows the water creeping into the back of the tent.

Some gathered for an impromptu Pot Luck in the tent.

Group Photo #1 Group Photo #2 Group Photo #3 Group Photo #4
It's Raining! Hanging Out Arriving For the Pot Luck #2 Hanging Out After Pot Luck #2


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