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Day 3

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Monday, August 7, 2017 - Motel 6, Albert Lea, MN, 445 Miles, 1261.1 Miles non towing miles For the Trip

Another day, another 400+ miles towards Chilliwack. I made it through Iowa, and would like to give a thanks to Iowa Dave for the invite to stay with him & Rita. The problem is I drove by his location at lunch time, and didn't want to quit early for the day. Maybe another trip!

Another mostly interstate day, on I 74, I 80, I 35, and almost to I 90, where I'll spend a couple of days. I stopped for the day at the Motel 6 in Albert Lea, MN, just across the Iowa border. Should have filled the gas tank in Iowa - gas in MN is $.20 per gallon more. The room is not as nice as either Quality Inn or Red Roof, even though it is more expensive than Red Roof at $66.51 for the night.

I promised some photos of the new 21:

The New Escape 21 is Under Construction

That is about it for the day.

Until Tomorrow -


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