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Day 15

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Saturday, August 19, 2017 - Silver Lake Park, Maple Falls, WA, Day 3 & Mt Baker, 0 Miles, 14 Towing Miles For the Trip

There are still a number of empty (but reserved starting yesterday) sites here in the campground. I do have a new neighbor in a pop up. I had a late breakfast, again spent some time moving things around, then sat outside & read for a bit. I'm back to a real book - a Nick Petrie adventure novel (Burning Bright) that was recommended by Lee Child. Pretty good so far...

After a bit I decided there wasn't going to be direct sun on the front of the trailer, so I decided to wax it. It doesn't need it for the shine (the gel coat is about as shiny as possible) but a couple of coats of wax makes it easier to remove the bug splatter. I kept going around the trailer, doing the entire top half (except for the roof - the only "ladder" I have is my 18" high ice chest). While the trailer is only 4' longer than the 17, it sure feels bigger when you are waxing it!

By the time I finished it was 3:00 so I decided to head for the Mt Baker Ski Area & Artist's Point. I stopped at the Silver Fir Forest Service campground just before the road turned steep. As usual, it was full, or at least fully booked. It takes reservations & there were a few empty sites.

I took far too many photos at Picture Lake, then drove the rest of the way to Artist's Point. Very crowded. Most of the visitors seemed to be from India. Lots of snow on the ground - many improvised sleds (as well as some people that brought real ones) sliding down one of the hills near the parking lot. I sat in the parking lot and did some rough editing of the images, and put together today's page, hoping to be able to upload it at the cell tower. There is no Verizon signal here at the parking lot, so we'll see.

Well, it started out as a very slow 1X Verizon signal, but after taking 15 minutes to upload the photos, it switched to a 4G LTE signal so the individual pages loaded quickly.

Silver Fir Campground Silver Fir Campground Picture Lake Picture Lake
Picture Lake Crowds at Picture Lake Picture Lake Picture Lake
Picture Lake A Tree at Picture Lake Artist's Point Artist's Point
Artist's Point Artist's Point Artist's Point Artist's Point


The View From Artist's Point (Large 8000 Pixel Version - 1.6 MB)


Dinner will be a Bubba Burger & baked beans.

Until next time -


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