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Day 25

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017 - Wheeler County RV Park, Fossil & Shaniko, OR, Day 3, 0 Miles, 448.2 Towing Miles For the Trip

Last night was another warm evening. I kept the AC running until 8:00 or so, until it cooled below the 78°F I had it set for.

After breakfast I headed to one of the John Day Fossil Bed sites at the national monument. There are 3 sites, 2 of which I visited in 2014. This time I stopped at the Clarno location along OR 218. I stopped along the way (and way back) for a couple of old building photos. I'm glad I didn't have the trailer on Or 218; lots of hills & switchbacks. I photographed one of them, but it doesn't show up all that well. I will be taking OR 19 to get to my planned next stop, Clyde Holiday State Park, which looks to be just as bad.

A Barn Along OR 218 Along OR 218 Clarno Unit, John Day NM Clarno Unit, John Day NM
Clarno Unit, John Day NM
Clarno Unit, John Day NM Do You See a Face? Switchbacks on OR 218

After a short half mile hike at the Clarno Unit, I headed on west to Shaniko. Shaniko is described as a ghost town, but there is plenty of people living there (at least for a ghost town - it even has a US Post Office). Lots of old buildings and a Ice Cream parlor that served a great roast beef sandwich for lunch.

Shaniko An Old Truck
Shaniko Wedding Chapel An Old Phone Switchboard Ice Cream Parlor Shaniko School
Another Old Building Antelope, OR School    

On the way back I stopped for another old building, as well as what I hope is an abandoned school in Antelope, OR, another small, town along OR 218.

By the way, I haven't mentioned it yet, but the Verizon connection here at Fossil is one of the fastest I've had on the trip. There is no AT&T service anywhere in the area. I'm thinking of getting a Verizon pre paid non data phone just to cover the many no AT&T areas I've found. It is good that there is strong Verizon coverage - the only radio station is country western, not one of my favorites. I still have XM Radio, but I do like to listen to a "live" connection, and most of XM Radio is anything but.

After returning to the campground i sat out and finished reading Anita Shreve's The Stars Are Fire.

Since I had lunch, dinner was simple - cheese & crackers.

Until next time -


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