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Day 67

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - Hi-Way Haven RV Park, Sutherlin, OR, Day 2, 0 Miles, 1,443.2 Towing Miles For the Trip

After breakfast I stopped in at the local eye clinic to see if I could get a pressure test & visual field test. Unfortunately, no such luck. My local doctor wants me to get the field test to see if the latest regiment of meds is working. My left eye vision is succumbing to Glaucoma, and we both would like to keep as much vision as possible. I'll check again further down the road.

Today I decided that since I was close to one of my favorite "waterfall" roads, OR 138, I should give it a try. The fires that filled the area with smoke (and flames) are pretty much out, but cleanup is still going on. There was a 40 minute wait while they cleared logs from the road. Luckily, I had just purchased a turkey sub at a roadside store just before the road stop, so I got to eat it in peace. Lots of burnt logs piled up waiting for trucks to haul them out. I didn't get to all the waterfalls along the road, but here are a few:

Susan Creek Falls Susan Creek Falls Susan Creek Falls The Umpqua River
The Umpqua River The Umpqua River Whitehorse Falls Watson Creek
Watson Creek Watson Falls 12' Wooden Pipe Toketee Falls

Like many of the waterfalls I visited this time of year, there is less water than during my Spring visits. In fact, the Fall Creek Falls, and the creek, were both empty! My favorite image is the Whitehorse Falls, although some of the river photos were OK. There is a bit of Fall color on the trees. If you look carefully, you can see a spout of water shooting out of the 12' pipe at the parking lot for Toketee Falls. I guess the leak isn't going to break the pipe - it looked the same in 2014. I drove through the Susan Creek BLM campground - lots of empty spots. I should have stayed there, but here I have electricity. Almost all the sites at Susan Creek are in heavy shade; not so good for solar.

The work crews were done for the day on the way back, so no wait, although a light rain fell most of the way back. Glad it held off until after my hikes to the falls.

Since I had lunch, dinner was just a burrito.

Until Tomorrow -


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