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Day 206

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Monday, February 26, 2018 - Leasburg Dam State Park, Radium Springs, NM, 110.6 Miles, 4,915 Towing Miles For the Trip

I took a few sunset photos at City of Rocks. Great color on the rocks, although finding ones that don't have the sun blocked by other rocks can be a challenge. By the way, it sure cooled off last night - 23°F overnight.

Rocks as the Sun Sets
Rocks as the Sun Sets Three Quarter Moon Site 26 "Wild Thing"


Sarah & Jon

I stopped at the post office in Deming to mail an oversized birthday card. Deming has some strange traffic routes. Lots of divided streets, and some that look to be a street, but are actually I 10 interstate ramps. Eventually, I found my way to a gas station, Tractor Supply, and another visit to Walmart.

I arrived at Leasburg Dam around 2:00. A water & electric site for $18.00, with $4.00 a reservation fee. It looks like there is a sewer hookup, but the site is labeled as water & electric & it is too far away to be usable. Very tight site that required some creative truck parking to leave the trailer hooked up. Nice & warm, with predictions of 37°F tonight. There was a new Escape 5.0TA parked in the site across from me. A fellow Escape Forum poster that I've communicated with, but never met; Sarah, Dexter the Dachshund, and Wild Thing, the 5th wheel. She keeps an interesting daily blog at wildthingsescape.com. Lots of photos & descriptions of her travels. It is always nice to meet people that populate the various forums.

I was planning to take a shower here, but it seems there aren't any in the bathrooms. Since tomorrow's expected stop is a full service commercial campground, I will probably wait.

For those the like period mysteries (this covers mid 19th century London) Granger's "Inspector Ben Ross" series is well worth a read. I enjoyed A Better Quality of Murder, and will look for more of her books.

Dinner was a Bubba Burger, Bush Beans, and asparagus.

Until tomorrow -


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