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Monday, August 13, 2018 - Lake of the Woods Campground, Baudette MN, Day 2, 0 Miles, 1,399.2 Miles for the Trip

A warm night, and too much light from a nearby streetlight to see any of the meteor shower. We hung around for much of the morning doing nothing, then headed to Clementson, MN about 6 miles east of Baudette to see the Clementson Rapids, a feature in a pamphlet Anne found, that was noted as being very "photographic". Well, maybe when there is a bit more water in the creek, but not too exciting today. Still, I took a couple of photos with the iPhone 10:

The Clementson Rapids The Clementson Rapids The Clementson Rapids

On the way back we stopped at Baudette for the last of our US shopping for a week.

Back at the campground we sat out and read, slapping biting flies. Eventually, both Don & I got out our Harbor Freight electric fly zappers and had a blast zapping them. We must have killed hundreds, but they kept coming. The even got even during dinner, biting us on the legs under the picnic table where it was impossible to swat or zap them.

Dinner was baby back ribs, some corn on the cob dropped off by a local gardener (along with a couple of very nice tomatoes and a pepper), a salad, and pirogies.

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