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Saturday, September 15, 2018 - Duke's Slickrock Campground, Hanksville, UT, 120.1 Miles, 3,969.8 Miles for the Trip

A beautiful drive north on UT 95 to Hanksville. We stopped a couple of times for photographs, including the Hite Overlook. It was an interesting overlook - both my GPS & the signs at the overlook stated we were looking over Lake Powell. Not a lake in sight, although there was a very lonely concrete boat ramp going nowhere. It does point out the drought conditions here in this part of the southwest.

The Hite Overlook on UT 95 (Large 2.1MB Version)


Along Utah 95

We arrived at Duke's Slickrock Campground around 1:00, with Don & Anne setting up in site 21 & me in 20. I got everything unhooked & leveled, then fired up the AC (it is in the high 90's today, with a peak of 101°F). The voltage feeding the trailer dropped to 102V and my Progressive EMS shut off the trailer. So, the first thing I did was check with Don - he was running his AC & had 119V. I shut off the electric to the water heater & switched the refrigerator to gas. The AC started up, ran through a couple of cycles with the voltage at 104, then dropped enough to cause the EMS to disconnect. I dug out my 50 amp to 30 amp adapter, and plugged into the 50 amp side of the pedestal. Usually this solves the problem, but not this time. The office called in their maintenance man who remembered some problems with some of the pedestals in this section. I dug out my 30' extension & plugged into site 22, got 121V unloaded, and 119V with the AC running. I suspect there is a neutral problem, because there was almost 250V across the 50 amp hots. I sure wouldn't want to plug in a 50 amp trailer. An open or poor quality neutral on a 50 amp connection can cause higher than 120V on one leg & lower on the other.

So, I packed up the trailer & moved. We are here for 2 days, $35 per night ($39.03 with tax) for level, full hook up pull through sites on gravel. I parked the opposite direction so our doors face each other. We have no shade, and it is way too windy for the awnings. I hope things calm down later in the day, although the local radio station (which, unfortunately plays elevator music - I'd call it grandpa music, but I'm a grandpa & I can't stand it, although the did play one John Denver tune which was OK) noted that the weather won't break until Monday.

Site 20 Site 21 Site 22

While the AT&T app shows an excellent -57dBm connection, there doesn't seem to be any data, at least I can't connect to websites or a speed test site using the Mobley AT&T modem. My phone connects to my favorite on line radio station KJZZ in Phoenix, so it may be that the radio bands that the Mobley uses are not available here in Hanksville. The Mobley did download some of my email. Verizon, at -90dBm shows 6.42MB down & 1.14MB up when it connects, which isn't often. The campground WiFi is good at 9.65MB down & 1.66MB up, and so far is the most solid service.

We again wimped out on cooking dinner in the heat and headed to Duke's Cafe. I had a fish sandwich on a pretzel roll, which was better than it sounds.

Until Tomorrow -


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